Beckett at Reading 2006
Between March and June 2006, the Beckett International Foundation in Reading hosted a series of events to celebrate the centenary of Samuel Beckett’s birth.

Samuel Beckett 1973  John Haynes  

The Beckett International Foundation and the University of Reading joined celebrations around the world to mark the centennial of Samuel Beckett’s birth. At the centre of the events were the exhibition ’Beckett the Irish European’, which drew on the treasures of the Foundation’s collection in order to tell the story of Beckett’s life and work, and the international conference ’Beckett at Reading 2006’. Other events and activities included Walter Asmus’s production of First Love, an exhibition of John Haynes’ photographs of Beckett and his plays in production, public lectures (speakers included James Knowlson and John Banville), and a Gala Evening directed by Anthony Minghella, which was attended by over 700 people.