Beckett at Reading 2006 : Exhibition : The Irish European
Between March and June 2006, the Beckett International Foundation in Reading hosted a series of events to celebrate the centenary of Samuel Beckett’s birth.

Samuel Beckett - The Irish European (samples of work)  

Thirty-five years after a University of Reading exhibition inaugurated the town’s unique relationship with the work of the Irish writer and Nobel Prize Winner Samuel Beckett, visitors to the Museum of Reading were once again be able to view the rich treasures of the Beckett Archive. Entitled ’Samuel Beckett - The Irish European’, this exhibition ran from 25th March to 25th June 2006. Featuring interactive, visual and auditory components, the exhibition followed a chronological approach, telling the story of Beckett’s life and achievement from his birth in Dublin on 13 April 1906, through his war-time experiences in France, to his worldwide fame following the success of Waiting for Godot. A central feature of the exhibition was an installation which incorporated many of the truly memorable stage images and props that made Beckett such an iconic literary and theatrical figure. To complement the Beckett Exhibition, the Museum of Reading and the Beckett International Foundation organised celebrity talks and public talks and workshops.

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