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The University of Reading offers a vibrant research culture for anyone interested in Beckett Studies.

Ben Kingsley and Alan Howard in ’Waiting for Godot’ 1997 © John Haynes  


Research interests
My research interests include interdisciplinary investigations of Beckett (gender studies; theology; music; the arts). Publications in these areas include the monographs Women in the Prose and Drama of Samuel Beckett: Her own other (1993), and Samuel Beckett and the Idea of God (1998), as well as the edited collection Samuel Beckett and Music (1998). Also interested in Beckett in the French context (including translation issues), and intersections between Beckett and other writers (e.g. Helene Cixous). Have also worked a great deal on the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze. I have edited a book on Deleuze and Religion (2001), and my latest book is Gilles Deleuze: Travels in Literature (2007), which includes a chapter on Beckett.

Ongoing research projects
I am currently working on The Beckett Bestiary, on issues of human and nonhuman animality in Beckett, and on a monograph on T E Lawrence in the French context.

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