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The University of Reading offers a vibrant research culture for anyone interested in Beckett Studies.

Ben Kingsley and Alan Howard in ’Waiting for Godot’ 1997 © John Haynes  


Research interests
Jonathan Bignell works primarily on television history and the methodologies of television and film analysis. His research on Beckett includes using archival sources alongside the detailed study of the audio-visual style of film and television versions of Beckett’s drama, and of Beckett’s original work for the moving image media.He has published on Beckett’s film and television drama in Samuel Beckett Today/Aujourd’hui, the Journal of Beckett Studies, and in the essay collections Drawing on Beckett and Beckett and Nothing. His book Beckett on Screen was published in 2009.

Ongoing research projects
Jonathan Bignell is the Principal Investigator of the research project ‘Beckett and the Phenomenology of Doodles’, working with Reading colleagues Martin Andrews and Jonathan Dronsfield. The project’s researcher Bill Prosser has catalogued the marginal drawings that occur in Beckett’s manuscripts, and produced art works based on them for exhibitions held worldwide.  A limited edition book of drawings based on Beckett’s doodles in the ‘Human Wishes’ manuscript has been recently published.

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