Publications : The ideal core of the onion
Several publications based upon the Beckett Collection are available from the Beckett International Foundation.

Patrick Magee in ’Endgame’ 1976 © John Haynes  

The Ideal core of the onion: Reading Beckett archives

Edited by John Pilling and Mary Bryden.
Beckett International Foundation, 1992. (vii, 151 pages).

From a (W)horoscope to Murphy: John Pilling
Beckett’s Human wishes: Lionel Kelly
Figures of Golgotha: Beckett’s pinioned people: Mary Bryden
On first looking into Beckett’s The Voice: P.J. Murphy
Between theatre and theory: Long observation of the ray: Steven Connor
Worstward ho and the end(s) of representation: Andrew Renton
Stirrings still: the disembodiment of Western tradition: Paul Davies

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